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                Awards and Accolades

                Over the years Omega Renk Bearings and its group companies have been acknowledged by its peers and the business community for its excellence. Omega Renk Bearings has been accorded the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation from Det Norkse Veritas Certification, B.V. for its quality management systems adopted in the design and manufacture of bearings, housings and parts. Its Net-Zero Enegry Building has been profiled in various international journals on architechture, building construction, renewable energy design.

                Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd. was awarded the Best Supplier Award by Andritz Hydro for excellence in on-time deliveries and Best Vendor award from BHEL Bhopal.

                Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd. received the Award for Customer Excellence from SAP AG. for the best implementation of SAP ERP.

                The Net Zero Energy Building has been accorded LEED Platinum certification by the Indian Green Building Council, under license from the US Green Building Council, for its Net-Zero Energy Building in Bhopal.

                • ISO 9001 certification by DNV
                • DGFT accredited &Star Export House
                • Best SAP implementation award from SAP 2007
                • Best on-time supplier from ANDRITZ Hydro
                • Best Vendor award from BHEL Bhopal

                ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

                ISO 45001:2018 Certificate

                ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

                Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd. was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for ※Innovation§ by Andritzat the SCM Meet 2018.

                Best Vendor of EM Group for the year 2014-15

                Star export house status from DGFT

                Best Supplier Award 每 Andritz Hydro

                LEED India &Platinum* rating,
                by the Indian Green Building Council,
                (licensed by the US Green Building Council)

                Winner - Excellence in Design AWARDS 2013
                Category: ※Solar Projects in India§

                Winner - Excellence in Design AWARDS 2013
                Category: Commercial 每 New Construction

                Winner 每 Global Green Award 2012
                Global Green Summit 2012 Theme: Sustainable Infrastructure Disciplines of Eco-Design in Energy, Water & Waste - Management

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