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                An acknowledged leader in precision engineering, Omega Renk Bearing¡¯s product line includes white-metal lined precision slide bearings, guide pads and thrust pads and. In an industry characterized by aging technology, Omega Renk Bearings stands out with one of the most modern manufacturing facilities, and has been setting benchmarks for and the manufacturing industry of the future.

                Omega Renk Bearings serves some of world¡¯s most demanding and sophisticated users. These companies deploy products manufactured by Omega Renk Bearings that include RENK Bearing Assemblies, White Metal lined Journal and Thrust Bearings for Generators, Electric Motors, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines and Pumps; White Meal lined Slide Bearings for Gear Boxes (Cylindrical, Two Lobe, Four Lobe and Offset Bore Shells); White Metal lined Thrust Pads (RS and RD types); and White Metal lined Thrust and Guide Bearings for Generators and Electric Motors, in projects across the globe. It also manufactures bearing shells and components to OEM Specifications as well as to Manufacturer¡¯s Standards.

                Bandwidth of product portfolio


                Size & Range

                Reference standard

                RENK Bearing assembly

                Size 7 to 35 ( ? 355 mm)

                DIN standard bearing of Renk Hannover design

                White metal lined journal and Thrust Bearing for Generators, Electric motors, Steam turbines, Gas turbines and pumps

                ? m25 mm to 2100 m

                OEM design / Custom design

                White metal lined slide bearing for gear boxes (Cylindrical, Two lobe, Four lobe & offset bore shells)

                ? 125 mm to 2100 mm

                OEM design / Custom design

                White metal lined thrust pads RS type/RD type

                ? 25 mm to 280 mm

                OEM design / Custom design

                White metal lined thrust and guide pad bearings for Generators and Electric motors for Hydro

                ? 25 mm to 3500 mm

                OEM design / Custom design

                Application areas

                Steam turbines

                Turbo generators



                Hydro turbines

                Hydro generators



                Gas turbines

                Large electrical motors


                Mill motors

                Nuclear turbines

                Medium electric motors

                Turbo compressors

                Ore processing plants

                Turbo chargers

                Balancing tunnels

                Naval engines

                Refinery equipment

                Naval propeller shaft

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