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                Engineers and technicians at Omega Renk bearings are academically qualified and possess relevant industrial experience of 5 to 30 years each. All employees are offered an Induction Training on joining the firm. This includes training on the firm¡¯s Code of Conduct, Standard Operating Procedures and trade-specific training.
                ¡°The firm has trained NDT Level II certified engineers and technicians for material testing¡±. Subsequently, technical staff are periodically deputed abroad to undergo machine-specific and skill-specific training at the Global Training Centers of the respective machine manufacturers.

                Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd. has been accorded the ISO 9001:2015 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION from DNV.GL for its Quality Management Systems adopted in the Design and Manufacture of Slide Bearings, Housings and parts thereof.

                Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd. has been accorded the Star Export House accreditation from the Office of The Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Government of India, for excellence in export performance.

                ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

                Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd. has been accorded the ISO 14001:2015 certification from DNV.GL for its Environmental Management Systems.

                The conservation of resources and waste management systems minimizes the impact on environment. Omega Renk Bearings has always been keen in working for the environment. All the surroundings are green.

                ISO 45001:2018 Certificate

                Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd. has been accorded the ISO 9001:2015 certification from DNV.GL for its Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

                Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd is committed to ensuring health and safety of all its employees, visitors and other persons at its premises.

                Omega Renk Bearings provides a safe working environment.

                The steps were taken to improve the working environment for the betterment of its people.

                All the health check -ups and different awareness programs are done on regular basis to promote healthy living. The safety of the worker was increased by initiating new measures and techniques and safety is given the top most priority.

                ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

                Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd. has been accorded the ISO 45001:2018 certification from DNV.GL for its Quality Management Systems

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