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                Situated in central India, with easy access to international ports, Omega Renk Bearings has one of the most modern manufacturing infrastructure, manned by engineers and technicians trained in the most advanced global training centres.

                Manufacturing Block

                ¡° The company is equipped with the latest generation CNC machines from Gildemeister & DeckelMaho, Germany, and product testing machines from Carl Zeiss. Omega Renk Bearings has been accorded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation from DetNorkseVeritas Certification, B.V. for its quality management systems adopted in the design and manufacture of bearings, housings and parts.

                Omega Renk Bearings has an efficient heat treatment plant, white-metalling shop, and a foundry. A 1.5 MWp solar power plant and captive Caterpillar DG sets complement the electricity grid and ensure 100% power availability for the manufacturing facility.¡±

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